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TheDreamWilder Foundation

What We Do

DreamWilder Foundation

Located in Cape Town, South Africa. The DreamWilder Foundation is a organization passionate about making a difference to people living bellow the bread line. The purpose is giving back to society through corporate sponsorship and social development projects to children across sub-Saharan Africa.

Athlete Development & Training

The DreamWilder Foundation has a passion to see young talent nurtured and developed into athletes of international caliber, & providing opportunities to those who don’t have the means or support.

Ultra Marathons & Fundraising

On a annual basis,we run over 10 ultra-marathons,trail,road, sky-marathons,and over 10000km’s! All in support of various charities,and fundraising.



Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just Never Give Up!

Dean Karnazez – DreamWilder Foundation

What we do..

Our passion is to see people reach their "Dreams" & not to give up on it,and keep motivated. We've found that this needs to be done from a young age already,and being balanced as a human being is vital to any successful life....running is only one aspect of your success plan.

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Athlete Sponsorship & Training

As a foundation we train and develop runners..


We’re also involved with a number of charities and projects around the city,helping them where needed.


We run globally,across 5 continents,raising funds for different projects & causes.

Social Develoment

We’ve realized that dvelopment starts at a young age, and have various sporting educaations systems to help young athletes excel

International Marathons

We believe our km's speaks for itself. Below is a list of sponsors in support

Vivo Barefoot
Vemma Verve
Newton Running
Sexy Food
Club travel

One Man One Mission

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Alister DreamWilder

Ultra Adventure Trail runner>>Creative Free Thinker>> South Africa

Co-Founder of the Dream Wilder Foundation

It is our Philosophy to Inspire others to achieve their “Dreams”. A 2 yr journey of self discovery lead me to a place 8 hrs past the pain barrier with no turning back. That is the place we need to get to unleash your full potential.

Kepping track of the Km’s

Each completed race makes us even more hungry, hungry for km's, more sponsors and at least some more donations to charity. As a result we deliver a better athlete mentorship.

Shoes raised for Athletes
We can't stop running!

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